Frequently Asked Questions

Why have i lost all my channels?

The main 3 reasons you will loose your Free to Air channels are,


1. Faulty or broken TV antenna. The connection where your coax cable connects to your antenna is called the Balun. Your Balun could be rusted, corroded or has broken away from the antenna its self causing you to loose all or some of your channels. With a visual inspection of your antenna you might realise some elements of your antenna are missing or broken off from storms, birds or just old age. This is the good example of when you will need a new antenna.

2. Low Signal. Your antenna could be doing its job perfectly fine, However over the years its been installed on your house infrastructure such as houses, buildings trees or even mountains in your direct line of path to your transmitter could be interfering with your signal causing you to have less signal than you need. This is not uncommon for houses 8-15 years old and upgrading your antenna would be the best option.


3. Interference. Interference can be caused from the 4g or 5g networks being rolled out across Brisbane now. Interference can be caused by faulty power supplies for DVD players, Xbox, PS4s, Home Theatre systems, Security systems or even microwaves and ovens. Faulty power supplies are pretty uncommon to cause interference but it does happen. The easiest way to eliminate interference problems id to get a new LTE filtered antenna and replace any faulty power supply units if you have any.

Why do i loose channels in bad weather or at night?

If you are loosing Free to Air channels in bad weather or at night, its more than likely your antenna. 

A faulty antenna will cause you to loose all or some of your free to air channels in rain, wind or foggy weather.

Digital Free to air is like a light switch, its either on or off. so if you are experiencing this with your system it time to upgrade your antenna.

do i need to upgrade my antenna for the 5G rollout?

Depending on your location your may have to upgrade your antenna before or after the 5G rollout.

Antenna's use frequency bands such as band 1, band 2, band 3, band 4, band 5 and band 6. The most common bands used around here are bands 3-6. Band 4 is similar frequencies as 4G and band 5 is similar frequancies to 5G meaning your house could be experiencing LTE interference. Upgrading your antenna to a LTE filtered antenna is the best way to get perfect TV reception if you are getting LTE interference.

how much is a new antenna?

Antenna's vary in price depending if you need a VHF or UHF antenna. You location also determines what kind of antenna you will need. If your further away from the transmitting tower you will need a better antenna to pick up better signal. Pricing for antennas will range from $200 -$650 depending of brand, size and if you need additional filtering or not. Either way Antech Antennas have you covered.

Do i need a Mast head amplifier (booster)?

There are many reasons why you may need a mast head amplifier (booster). The main reason houses need a mast head amplifier or booster is from low signal. If you in a area that is far from your transmitting tower there is a high chance you need a amplifier on your system. Installing the right amplifier will boost your signal and quality giving your reception a boost it needs to pick up Free to Air channels. You might be in a area where your signal is strong, however if you have multiple outlets if will reduce your signal levels leaving you with no TV reception. In this situation a amplifier will boost your signal giving you perfect Free to Air TV channels again.

what is covered under warranty?

Warranty will vary from brand to brand of what Antech Antennas install on your house.

The minimum warranty is 3 years and can range up to 15 years on certain products.

Antech Antenna's & Communication will give a life time warranty on their workmanship. We back our experience and expertise so you know your wont have any problems.

Why choose antech antenna's & communcation?

Antech Antenna's & Communication are a family owned business supporting Australian made products. We pride our self in quality service and products to make sure your happy with the service and have no problems with your system for years to come. We back or work and give a life time warranty on our workmanship. with 11 years experience in Antenna replacement, Antennas Fault finding, New Antenna Installations, Foxtel, Satellite Installations, VAST, Asia 5 Satellite, Cell Fi Boosters, WiFi Boosters, CCTV and Security System Installations, you cant go wrong choosing Antech Antennas & Communcation as we have ll your data & Telecommunication needs covered.